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Chardonnay to the World

Chardonnay to the World
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2016 Chardonnay Carneros and Chardonnay Brittle, packaged in our artful gift box. So many will agree that Chardonnay is liquid joy. So why not give your friends and family another way to savor that joy, with Chardonnay brittle!

2016 Chardonnay, Carneros 

Sweet aromas of lemon curd, dandelion, beeswax, honey, and vanilla waft from this golden colored beauty of a wine. The palate follows in tow, with intense flavors of Meyer lemon and honeycomb, which are accompanied by an incredibly satiny texture that is as smooth as can be. A solid core of acid keeps this focused despite its terrific heft, and drives this to a persistent finish of toasted vanilla. It’s a wonderful combination of intense fruit, texture, and energy.